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That post was so... Nice.

Hopefully I can wrestle "Lucking Out" away from BG so I can read it myself.

Need to find out what happens to the "luscious string bean".

Larry Jones

So generous...


I'll never forget the day (long ago) I finished reading a Wolcott article and noticed the little line at the bottom... the one that mentioned his blog.

WHA??? I could have Wolcott every day?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! It was, and is, a good thing.

Lucky for me, I'm only on page 31 of Lucking Out. And so far, it's been one gem after another.

I love those books where you realize if you were highlighting them, you'd just highlight the whole thing. :)


I rather doubt my generational counterparts at Princeton and Yale had their chains yanked so.

You never know, he ahemmed.

Dan Leo

One of the last curmudgeons of the old school.

Wait, is there even such a thing as a new-school curmudgeon?

blue girl

The formatting of this post is driving me nuts! Did Typepad "improve" things again?!

Kevin Wolf

Wolcott's on my short list of "who I wish I could write like" - which construction already tells you, no, I can't write like them. The them being Thurber and Wolcott and Hemingway and Chandler. I could add a few more but that's the first line.

BTW, have you seen the article in the latest New Yorker about Pauline Kael (whom I adore and always will)? It's by one Nathan Heller and he frankly, it seems to me, attacks admirers of Kael - especially if, god forbid, they actually knew her including Wolcott. It's as if Wolcott was the Greenspan to Kael's Ayn Rand - but with, in my view, a helluva lot less collateral damage. I love reading about Pauline Kael and I enjoyed the article, but still. Leave us not go overboard, as Popeye might say. (No, he'd just punch somebody's lights out - and they'd deserve it.)

blue girl

KW, I read about half of the Pauline Kael article, got distracted and haven't finished it yet.

Get your hands on a copy of Wolcott's book. There's a lot of Pauline Kael to devour. You'll love it.

Claire Helene

Oh man oh man. I have been L-O-V-I-N-G this book so much. I have found myself reading it aloud to random co-workers in the lunch room. I keep tagging pages with sticky notes. It's so so good.

Claire Helene

Oh my god, and the Pauline Kael chapter kept me up late. LOVE.

Pinko Punko

Good ol' Wolcott. He so New York, but there are a million New Yorks, more to the point Manhattan, but his Manhattan is a Manhattan where even the mundane seems interesting and embroidered with import, trivial or no.

Le sigh.


thanks for sharing BG. I will check it out!


Look, you got a shout-out from Roger Ailes.


There was this other woman I liked to read on the internets with some regularity.

Pinko Punko

But not for the baking posts. Maybe the baking posts.

Another Kiwi

YEah, I luvs me some Wolcott too. His writing on ballet is super stuff, and I know nothing about ballet

zombie rotten mcdonald

cripes, I already have a bunch of books on the iPad I haven't read....

blue girl

No, PP. The baking posts.

Another Kiwi, I think there's quite a bit of great ballet in Wolcott's book. Haven't gotten there yet, though.

Zerm, you should get the real book and hold it in your real hands and really read it. For real.

blue girl

fish, you are inspiring me.

Another Kiwi

BG, you've been linked to by the man hisself! Go you!

blue girl

AK, Mr. W is very generous. And a link from him is a total thrill!

But, I did once send out a search party when Mr. W went missing. And it resulted in his safe return. So, you know, he owes me.


Awesome linkage, BG.

Another Kiwi

I got the shivers just reading that thread BG! Thank the lord that you and Jennifer were so vigilante!

blue girl

If Jennifer was not my true Poland, she was indeed my Tony Blair.

Long Live Jennifer!

Silver Coast

That's the funniest comment I've read in ages! Nice one BG.

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