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zombie rotten mcdonald

On Friday, it had been cut into a somewhat spikey, somewhat sleek, short, punk rock bob, bleached platinum blonde, with hot pink streaks, randomly placed here and there.

Hey! Me too!

My hair is short, but it has been long. Perhaps that is why I am underemployed.

blue girl

There's so much gold in that article, but I *love* this:

Women: Pay attention, this is important. Especially for you old ones (and by "old," I mean over 30 but not yet 40 -- women 50 and over, can you even read anymore at your age? I'll just refer to you as "pre-dead lady husks").

Pre-dead lady husks

Gold, Jerry, gold. lol


I started wearing my hair short when it turned gray.

Actually, not really true...I had grey hairs in collage. When it stared turning really gray.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Jerry would never have done that, thunder.

blue girl

Jerry Garcia? Grateful Pre-dead?

Larry Jones

Is this true for men, too? It hadn't occurred to me that I might have been fired because of my hair. Maybe I can sue somebody.
In the meantime I will heed the advice at the end of the column you link to: "FOLLOW WOMEN."

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I have long grey hair. Real long. Not terribly thick, so my ponytail, while it reaches the middle of my back, is less than spectacular. But it is very grey. Nobody ever says anything except when it's NOT tied back, then I get compliments sometimes. But y'know, I haven't had a decent job in three years, so hmmmm...

Hair Growth

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blue girl

Aw, thanks, Hair Growth. lol

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